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ARK Initiative

We share exhaustive ARKives, Research, and Knowledge of our world's cultural heritage through personalized education technologies.

Our Solutions – Your Benefits

Combining insights from learning sciences, linguistics, and AI, we provide you with a cutting-edge educational environment. And regardless of who you are, our solutions are tailored towards your individual needs.

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As an Individual

Haven't you ever wondered why there's an app for that, but it still doesn't work the way you want or expect it to? Unfold your full potential by engaging with our solutions in a setting on your terms. We provide you with a fully indivdualized learning environment, while giving you insightful feeback on your progress. Now there's an app just for you.

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As an Educational Organization

Our apps are specially designed to meet the needs of people who require excellent skills in their studies and careers. Help your students achieve their goals by giving them access to our apps. Internal differentiation and individual support is incredibly simple with our solutions. The highly modularized system of our solutions can be adapted to the specific needs of your institution.

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As a modern company, we understand our responsibility to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of humanity, especially endangered and minority languages. That's why we make our technologies available to all those organizations working to strengthen the language, and thus the heritage, of their culture and community. Our linguistic content creation team looks forward to working with you to develop material that provide members of your community with easy access to their own language as well as the language of their ancestors.

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As a Company

Your employees' time is just as important to us as it is to you. Our personalized solutions therefor mean that they are only presented with content that is truly relevant. You need even more specialized content than we already offer? No problem, we are of course at your disposal to prepare additional content. Or are you interested in the underlying technologies? We also offer an attractive licensing model for our innovative linguistic error detection pipeline.


My great passion is learning and exploring foreign languages. After completing my dissertation in Japanese studies, I worked on an English-language textbook on the Ainu language on behalf of Yale University until October 2019. I have been teaching Japanese, Classical Tibetan, and Ainu since as early as 2006. In addition, I have also repeatedly created learning groups that focused on indigenous languages in particular.

My main interest is to apply research results in an application-oriented way. My background is in computational linguistics (especially machine translation, coreference resolution, and network analysis), psychology (consumer psychology and behavioral economics), and database and app design in the field of digital education. With my experience, I hope to contribute to ARK Initiative's efforts to communicate the world's cultures.

Language learning has been one of my fascinations for a long time. Through my studies I gained a lot of know-how in NLP and Machine Learning. Following these studies I joined ARK Initiative with the goal of both improving digital language learning and joining the effort to conserve low resource languages.

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